Icom IC-T70 Dual Band

Icom IC-T70 Dual Band

Icom IC-T70 Dual Band

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Icom IC-T70 didesain kokoh dengan frekuensi dual band, Frekuensi HT ini yaitu VHF dan UHF dengan daya tahan baterai yang lama membuat alat komunikasi ini sangat mengesankan. Icom T70 HT  ( Handy Talky ) Dual Band sebagai Dealer HT di Jakarta  kami jual dengan garansi 3 tahun.


Handy Talky Icom IC-T70 Dual Band.

Icom IC-T70A is a capable and robust 2 meter / 440 MHz amateur handi-talki. It is splash and dust resistant (IP54 standard). Enjoy three levels of RF power on both bands: 5, 2.5 or 0.5 watts. Receive coverage is 136-174 and 400-479 MHz. You get built-in CTCSS/DTCS Encode and Decode. 302 memory channels with 50 scan edge and 2 call channels. Multiple scan types are available. The easy-to-use controls are very intuitive.

There are also DTMF memory channels. Other enhancements include: large speaker with up to 700 mW of audio, backlit alpha display, weather channel alert (USA version), keypad, repeater lock-out, auto-repeater function, internal VOX, time-out timer and auto power off. Please note that only the BP-264 may be charged inside the radio and optional items are needed to charge the radio from an external 10-16 VDC source.

The Icom IC-T70A comes with: BC-167SA trickle NiMH wall charger, BP-264 NiMH Battery Pack (7.2 VDC 1400 mAh), SMA flexible antenna, strap, belt clip and Owner’s Manual.
See QST March 2011 for a review of this radio.

The Icom IC-T70A Sport version is the same radio, but the supplied accessories are different. The Sport version comes with the BP-263 AA cell holder, SMA antenna, strap, manual and belt clip only. It does not include a battery or charger.

Icom IC-T70 Dual Band Features
– Wide / Narrow channel spacing
– 302 Memories
– Scanning
– Power Save
– Three RF Levels 5.5/2.5/0.5W
– Encode/Decode Built In
– Time Out Timer
– 16 DTMF Memories
– 700mW loud audio
– Ergonomic Controls



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