Power Supply Alinco DM-340MVZ

Power Supply Alinco DM-340MVZ

Power Supply Alinco DM-340MVZ

Best power output per volume. Regulated DC Power Supply Alinco DM-340MVZ delivers high quality steady DC of max 35Amps (30A continuous) with reliable protection circuit.


Features of Alinco DM-340MVZ:

  • Highly visible class 2.5 (instrument-grade) V/A twin meters for monitoring the status on real-time.
  • Forced Air Cooling Fan.
  • 16mm Main terminals to provide the most efficient transfer of regulated power output (30% larger than conventional models)
  • 2 pairs of auxiliary snap-in and a cigar socket output terminals on the front-panel for additional convenience.
  • Fuse socket on the front-panel eases the maintenance.


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