Daiwa CN-801V

Daiwa CN-801V

Daiwa CN-801V

Daiwa CN-801V SWR/PWR Meter 140-525MHz

SWR and Power indicators are installed in one meter unit. One scale will be indicated at the crossing point of the 2 needles. This unique feature makes it possible to read all of Forward Power, Reflected Power and SWR at the same time.

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Daiwa CN-801V SWR/PWR Meter 140-525MHz Professional Series Bench Meters offer accurate readings, steady performance, and great value.

Daiwa’s large, lighted and easy-to-read cross needle meters will provide your ham shack with consistent reads. CN-801 Series meters have features that will make measuring SWR and power during an antenna test, as well as matching and tuning transmitters, an easy task. A power cord with 2.5mm DC plug is included.

Their unique two-needle meters have one scale that measures forward power, and the other reflected power, and SWR is indicated at the crossing point of the two needles–so you can read all three at the same time!

Their HP models can also measure P.E.P.– peak power in SSB operation. There are many frequency ranges and power levels in the Daiwa CN-801 professional series family to choose from.

For Amateur Radio operations, it’s hard to beat the value and performance of Daiwa CN-801 Professional Series Bench Meters!


Frequency: 140-525MHz
Power Range Forward: 20/200W
Accuracy: +/- 10% (at full scale)
SWR Detection Sensitivity: 5 W min
Input/Output Impedence: 50 OHM
Input/Output Connectors: SO-239
Dimensions & Weight: 6.25 x 4.3 x 4.8 / 2lbs. 3ozs.
LED Lighted with on/off switch


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