Nissei RS-50 SWR

Nissei RS-50 SWR

Nissei RS-50 SWR

Measures POWER in watts, SWR (standing wave ratio) and Reflective value in digital format
2xAAA battery operated
Measures up to 200watts radio
Big LCD with LED for easy night viewing
Measures instantly in real-time as you press radio’s PTT
Can be powered externally using powerbank

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Nissei RS-50 Digital SWR/Power Meter 125-525MHz 120W UHF/VHF M Type Connector for 2-way Radio

Main Features

1. Forward / Reversed / VSWR ration in one push button.
2. LED backlit display for ease of reading.
3. Power source :internal “AAA” batteries / external USB port.
4. Applicable rechargeable battery.
5. Micro USB – DC 5V output (not include adapter).
6. Convenient control layout for ease operation.


Nissei RS-50 Specification

Frequency range : 125 – 525 MHz
Measurable power range : 0 – 120W
Max. Power : 120W
Accuracy : (AVG) +/- 5%
Insertion loss : 0.3 dB or lower
Testing functions : Fwd/Rev Power, SWR
Impedance : 50 ohm
Power source : Battery – “AAA” x 2pcs / Micro USB port
AC110-240V (adapter output 5V / 2.0A)
Connector : SO-239 (“N” type optional )
Dimension : 70W x 78H x 30D mm
Net Weight : 220 g (No batteries)


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