Vertex Standard VZ-88

Vertex Standard VZ-88

Vertex Standard VZ-88

Vertex Standard VZ-88 adalah HT terbaru keluaran Vertex dengan desain kecil dan tangguh serta harga murah, fitur-fitur canggih yang memungkinkan penggunaan di segala kondisi. Fitur antara lain: Internal VOX, 128 Channels Memory, 8 Channel Groups, Multiline Display, dan lain-lain.


Vertex Standard VZ-88


Compact and lightweight

As with many Vertex Standard portable radios, this durable, reliable, compact and feature rich radio allows maximum flexibility for users to use the radio under any condition at any time.

Internal VOX

The built in Voice activated Transmission (VOX) enables a hands-free operation for basic users without having to use the radio’s Push to Talk button, maximizing productivity and efficiency critical to the users’ business.

128 Channels/ 8 Groups

The group setting feature allows multiple users and different groups to be organized into efficient talkgroups for greater ease of communication, usage and improvement on efficiency.

128 Channels Memory

Up to 128 channels can be stored either through the programming software or front panel. This provides convenience to the users, avoiding the need to frequently program the radios.

Multi-Line Display

The multi-line display offers status update of the calls and other programmable features to equip users with necessary details in running their day to day business operations.

2 Pin Accessory Connector

The 2-prong pin side accessory connector allows popular audio accessories with such connector to be used with these series of radio, lowering the costs of ownership as user does not need to purchase new compatible audio accessories.

Additional Features

  • Scan (128 channels single scan list)
  • Nuisance channel delete
  • PL/DPL (CTCSS: 50 / DCS: 104)
  • Squelch (CSQ / PL / DPL)
  • Busy Channel Lockout
  • Busy Channel Indicator
  • Time Out Timer
  • Low Battery Alert
  • VFO Mode
  • FM Radio
  • VOX (Voice Activated Transmit)
  • 2-pin accessory connector
  • Radio to Radio Cloning
  • PC Programmable


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