Motorola MTX900

Motorola MTX900

Motorola MTX900

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Motorola MTX900 800MHz radio trunking non-keypad adalah solusi komunikasi yang terjangkau bagi para profesional yang membutuhkan radio tangguh dan dapat diandalkan untuk tetap berhubungan. Hal ini meningkatkan produktivitas dan membuat pengguna dapat berkomunikasi dalam pekerjaan.


Motorola MTX900


  • Superb audio quality for effective communications with LLE and noise cancelling microphone
  • Selective Radio Inhibit feature enables dispatcher to remotely disable stolen radios for greater security
  • Scanning of talkgroups and channels for messages, and monitoring of channels ensure greater efficiency
  • Lithium Ion battery option provides a higher capacity battery at a lighter weight, allowing longer hours of communication


  • Automatic Multiple Site Selection (AMSS) feature ensures continuous communication by switching the radio to a different site when current signal becomes too weak
  • In the event of a trunked system or central controller failure, radio conversation is still possible in failsoft mode
  • Low Battery Warning through LED indicator and alert tone


  • Programmable channel spacing of 12.5/ 20/ 25 kHz offers flexibility and easy migration of channel spacing
  • Dual Mode Capability allows user the convenience of selecting either trunked or conventional operations
  • Allows up to 16 modes of organizing user talkgroups to meet different communication needs
  • 4 programmable buttons for users to assign common calls for one-touch access



Audio Technology

As with any radios, sound quality is critical for effective communications. Motorola’s MTX900 and MTX960 Trunked system radio series can be heard in almost any environment because of LLE and noise cancelling microphone.

Wideband and Programmable Channel Spacing (12.5/20/25 kHz)

The wideband technology and programmable channel spacing of 12.5/20/25 kHz offer flexibility & easy migration should channel spacing requirement expand.

Automatic Multiple Site Selection (AMSS)

The AMSS feature extends communications beyond the reach of a single trunked site. In a system where multiple trunking sites are used to extend coverage; the AMSS will automatically switch the radio to a different site when the current site signal becomes too weak. Thus ensuring users continuous radio communications.

Emergency Alarm*

An emergency function is provided to alert the dispatcher. This function is activated by pushing an easily accessible orange button on the top of the radio. These calls are processed by the trunking system with the highest priority to ensure that they get through as quickly as possible.

Selective Radio Inhibit

In situations when the radios have been stolen or are missing, the selective radio inhibit feature will enable the dispatcher to remotely disable the radios for greater security.

Talkgroup Scan

Provides effortless scanning combination of talkgroups and conventional channels for messages, and monitoring of channels in a multiple system environment.

Dual Mode Capability

Enables user the convenience of selecting either both trunked or conventional operation providing maximum systems flexibility.

Failsoft Operation

In the event of a trunked system or central controller failure, radio conversation is still possible in failsoft mode. Upon

indication of the central controller failure, the radio will automatically revert to a preassigned voice channel and operate in a non-trunked repeater mode.

Lithium Ion Battery Option

The Lithium Ion battery option provides high capacity battery at a lighter weight; allowing users to communicate for a longer period of time.

16 Modes

Allows for up to 16 modes to organise different user talkgroupsto meet different communication needs.

Multiple System/Talk Group Capability

Provides operation & flexible access of up to 10 systems/15 talkgroups.

4 Programmable Buttons

The MTX900 can be programmed for common calls to be accessed as easy as a touch of a button.

Low Battery Warning

Pre-alert users when the battery is running low through the LED indicator and alert tone.

Multiple Call – Types Flexibility

  • Private Call Decode

Enables you to receive a one-to-one call from another radio user, assuring privacy when discussing sensitive issue.

  • Call Alert Decode

Notification of 1 missed call via a series of audible signals, ensuring that a page can be received in the user’s absence.

  • Telephone Interconnect

Allows users the capability to receive an incoming telephone call through the trunked system, thus enhancing their communication coverage.


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