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HT Motorola CP1660 menggunakan battrey lithium dan build in dengan voice scramble, Alat komunikasi Motorola CP1660  sudah dilengkapi dengan DTMF memungkinkan anda melakukan komunikasi yang tertutup, handy talky Mototola CP1660 dapat di program manual.


Motorola CP1660 Key Features:
  • Full keypad provides easy accessibility to change channels or place a selective call (DTMF signaling).
  • Built-in simple voice scrambling for increased privacy.
  • Built-in DTMF signaling provides caller identification and private communication.
  • VOX ready for hands-free communication – users can focus on the job at hand.
  • Tighter specifications provide enhanced rejection of interference so you can get your message through clearly.
  • X-pand technology provides crisp, clear and strong audio quality in noisy environments.
  • Multi-channel capability – 99 channels to support communication among all employees.
  • User programmable feature allows customization of radio profiles while on the go.
  • Lilon battery up to 11 hours (5/5/90 duty cycle) of battery life at high power to meet the demands of employee’s work shift. A high capacity battery option is available for those with longer shift requirements or increased communication needs.
  • High power – 5 watt (VHF) / 4 watt (UHF) – adjustable power levels help extend battery life
  • 5 programmable button – enabling easy, one-touch access for up to 10 user- selectable features
  • Talkaround capability enabling communication even when a repeater is not being used
  • Rapid-rate drop-in charging – charges standard capacity batteries in less than 3 hours with the included drop-in charger
  • Easy-to-handle, lightweight, compact design
  • Battery saver mode – extends the life of the battery, providing longer talk time.
  • Channel Alias – provides easy identification of a channel.
  • Scan allows users to monitor activity on different communication channels, so that important messages are not missed priority scan is available for those who constantly monitor a particular channel
  • Nuisance Channel delete removes unwanted channels temporarily from the scan list during scan
  • Volume set allows the user to check the Audio and alert tone volume at the press button
  • Sticky Monitor allows user to stay on monitor mode without constantly pressing the monitor button
  • Built in Voice inversion Scrambling


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