Antena Celwave PD220 dengan gain 5,25dB cocok digunakan sebagai antena base station, antena repeater dan antena radio komunikasi lainnya.



136-281 MHz Super Stationmaster™ Omni Fiberglass Antenna



Super Stationmaster VHF base station antennas incorporate the design features of 9 MHz broadband capability, improved lightning protection and true omnidirectional gain in excess of 5 dBd.

The PD620 represents an extra-rugged version of the PD220, with specially strengthened housing and support pipe for use in very severe environments.Note: Below 150 MHz, rated gain for both antennas is 4.8 dBd due to length constraints. Side mounting hardware is available for the PD220 to achieve special radiation patterns.The PD555 reflector assembly may be utilized with the PD220 for both side and top mounted installations. Vertical Beam Downtilt: the PD220-DT may be ordered with 3? or 6? downtilt. Note: Operational gain and bandwidth are lessened with downtilt. The PD220-DT is both reduced to 5.0 dBd gain and 1.5 MHz bandwidth. When downtilt antennas are ordered, exact frequency must be specified.Fiberglass construction
Protects radiating elements in corrosive environments.
DC grounded
Affords lightning protection.
Copper radiating elements
Minimizes possibility of intermod generation.

Order Information


Item Number

Frequency Range MHz

PD220-DT 136 – 174
PD220-1 136 – 141
PD220-2 142 – 150
PD220-3A 150 – 158
PD220-3B 152 – 160
PD220-4 155 – 163
PD220-5 157 – 165
PD220-6 160 – 169
PD220-7 165 – 174
PD220-8A 216 – 221
PD220-8 216 – 225
PD220-8B 220 – 225
PD220-9 279 – 281





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